Not All Republicans Are Boycotting Netflix Over Obama — & The Numbers Show It

Do you like Netflix? If so, you’re probably a liberal. Or, at least, this is what a dedicated group of Twitter users seem to believe, all of whom have taken to the social platform with the hashtag “#BoycottNetflix” to take a stand against what they believe to be a liberal bias in Netflix’s content offerings.
The outcry appears to be a response to last month’s announcement that Netflix was entering an exclusive multi-year deal with Barack and Michelle Obama. Another point of contention a new program with comedian Michelle Wolf, who famously raised the hackles of conservatives at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner in April.
Now, some people on the right say that they are cancelling their Netflix subscriptions in protest — which, in turn, seems to indicate that the streaming platform is becoming a place loved by liberals and loathed by conservatives.
But, of course, angry social media users don’t always represent the real numbers on any given subject. According to new data from YouGov, Netflix has dropped in favor among Republicans and risen among Democrats, with the favorability rating dropping 16% for the former and rising 15% for the latter. But, according to YouGov, Netflix is still viewed favorably as a whole among Democrats and Republicans alike.
And, as pointed out by Variety, Netflix is a worldwide streaming service, and the Obamas happen to have excellent worldwide approval ratings — when Barack Obama left office, he had a 76% approval rating from 24 countries, according to data compiled by Ipsos. This is a stark contrast from Trump’s numbers from the same data when he entered office — 66% of people surveyed thought that he would be a bad president.
At the end of the day, the decision to enter into a contract with the Obamas was likely little more than a business decision.
Still, for what it’s worth, the Obamas are reportedly keeping politics out of their Netflix deal — but, of course, those who cancelled their Netflix subscriptions will have no way of knowing that.

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