Kyle Richards' New Show Is Already More Dramatic Than The Real Housewives

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Kyle Richards' new series, American Woman, hasn't even premiered yet, and it's already stirring up plenty of drama. The show, which debuts on Paramount Network on June 7, is loosely based on Kathleen Richards, the bold matriarchal figure for three of Beverly Hills' most famous ladies: Kim Richards, Kathy Hilton (Paris and Nicky's mom), and Kyle Richards, who serves on the series as a co-executive producer.
Starring Alicia Silverstone, American Woman is all about a single mom, Bonnie Nolan, in the '70s who decides she'd rather get a job and raise her daughters solo than live with a real estate agent who cheats and lies to her. Though the story is mostly in praise of Bonnie's strength and resilience during one of the most tumultuous periods of her life (cheating spouse or not, the '70s wasn't exactly the most empowering era for women in the workplace), not everyone seemed thrilled with overall premise, namely Kathy Hilton.
In a recent interview with People, Richards spilled that she and her oldest sister butted heads because Hilton feared the show would reveal too much about her mother's life and their unconventional upbringing.
"I hope when Kathy sees the show, she'll understand," Richards said. "I would never tell anyone else's stories. And I felt bad because she thought it was something that it wasn't. I was inspired by my mom being a single mom in the '70s. It was a crazy, fun, reckless time. But it's not based on my actual life."
Not to be too nitpicky here, but has Hilton seen her daughter Paris' former reality series, The Simple Life, or her sisters' hit drama saga, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Because TV doesn't get much more revealing or personal than when it tracks your every move and shows you at your extreme best and worst lights.
"I love my sisters and I would never do anything to disrespect or embarrass them," Richards added. "I'm looking forward to the show coming out so Kathy can see it and realize. That's my hope."
Kim, on the other hand, is reportedly just as pumped about the sexy series, in which Bonnie (Silverstone) parties, hooks up with handsome Hollywood men and, at one point, dunks a flaming Barbie doll head into a vat of watery out-of-the-box mashed potatoes, as we are.
Watch the trailer below:

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