This Real Housewife Once Dated Donald Trump & Andy Cohen’s Reaction Is All Of Us

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Andy Cohen has no mercy when it comes to gossip, and turns out he dug up some pretty juicy details about one of the Real Housewives cast members. During a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion airing next Tuesday, Kim Richards admitted that she once dated Donald Trump.
"I heard a rumor that you once dated Donald Trump," Cohen said.
"What?" she replied, aghast. Her fellow housewives immediately began chattering.
"Is that true?" Cohen presses.
Richards gets uncomfortable for a moment before finally admitting the truth.
"Yes, let's not get into it," she said. "I had dinner with him."
But, of course, people weren't satisfied with such a simple answer. Her couchmates kept pushing for details — pretty sordid details, at that — but Richards wouldn't budge.
"I don't want to talk about the President," she finally sputtered between a lot of pauses.
"Kim could have been our First Lady!" Cohen points out.
This isn't the only drama Kim Richards has run into during this reunion. In another clip released in anticipation of the special, Richards confronted Lisa Rinna about the rumors she was spreading.
"You're telling Eden [Sassoon] I'm not sober and [that] I'm near death," Richards said. "It's like lies, cries, and denies."
She pulled out a stuffed rabbit that Rinna had originally given her as a peace offering — still in its wrapping.
"I brought the bunny because I never gave it to my grandson," Richards said. "I think what I should do is give it to you. I don't feel like it was given to me with the right energy."
Rinna took back the rabbit in tears. "You don't have to cry over it," Richards said, twisting the knife.
These clips prove that this reunion is anything but peaceful — but then again what did we expect from the reality stars?
Watch Richards' awkward Donald Trump confession below.
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