Meghan Markle Swaps Out Her Messy Bun — & Silences Her Haters

Photo: Chris Jackson/Chris Jackson/Getty Images.
Three days after 29 million people watched the Royal Wedding, the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex officially made their first appearance together as a married couple. Choosing to delay their honeymoon, the two attended a garden party in celebration of Prince Charles' 70th birthday at Buckingham Palace. While Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's intimate moments were cute, there's an even smaller detail fans can't not notice today: Markle's bun.
Considering the fact that Markle has accomplished a lot more than pinning her hair into a chignon, it's shocking that how messy or polished her hair looks on any given day is even of concern. Still, Markle is always up to throw a curveball to her naysayers, and today she did just that.
With a deep side part, glossy sheen, and tightly wrapped twist, the sleek bun was unlike most of the styles we've seen her wear. And we like to think of it as a subtle fuck you to those who took it upon themselves to dissect her every stray hair on Saturday. (Which, by the way, was on purpose.) While some might view the move as bending to royal protocol (along with the pantyhose), we see it another way: Markle, a proud feminist, is showing that she can wear her hair however she damn well feels, whether it be curly, straight, loose, tight, or "messy." While everyone else wastes time asking if her buns are too casual or if her tendrils are refined enough for palace life, Markle will be out here, championing the causes she actually cares about with grace and great hair.

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