Rihanna Debuted This Transformative Beauty Treatment At The Met Gala

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The Met Gala is the one occasion when you can truly try anything — like painting your hair silver or wearing a headpiece that weighs more than a small child. But sometimes, it's the smallest tweak that can make the biggest difference. Such is the case when Rihanna, patron saint of the Met, stepped onto the carpet. If you're anything like us, you could immediately tell she did something different, but it took a minute to realize just what that was. The it hit us: her brows!
Celebrity eyebrow stylist Damone Roberts shared the details of Rih's lightened brows, which she both bleached and sculpted. How? Roberts used her own Brow Powder in Ginger and Brow Highlighter in Stone Cold Bitch to finish. And, of course, Rihanna wore an entire Fenty Face done by none other than Priscilla Ono. But she wasn't the only one to understand that bleached brows can have a major impact...
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Sienna Miller went pale as well, thanks to the hand of her makeup artist Wendy Rowe. The super-blonde brows allowed us to take a closer gaze at her perfectly tousled waves... along with the dazzling diamonds that adorned her head.
But before you follow suit with the trend, it's important to understand that it does take work. Our own beauty writer, Sam Sasso, tried her hand at the trend and documented just how much upkeep it is to get the right effect. Of course, it's a breeze compared to, say, bleaching your entire head.
What do you think of the two star's new bleached brows? Tell us in the comments below.

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