Cardi B's Least Favorite Thing About Being Pregnant Sounds Terrible, TBH

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Cardi B has been handling her pregnancy like a total champ. Doing everything from topping charts to twerking onstage, all while expecting. Though, the 25-year-old rapper recently confessed that not everything about her pregnancy has been ideal, particularly when it comes to the dreams she’s been having.
"Ok soooo one thing I don’t like about pregnancy is these weird, crazy, spooky dreams I be having," the rapper wrote on Twitter. "I hate them. I be waking up in the middle of the night out my naps. Is the weirdest thing."
After a fan reached out to share that they understood her pain and experienced “vivid sex dreams” while pregnant, Cardi B further explained that she was having those too. “Everything is too vivid. Sex dreams, nightmares, good dreams," Cardi continued.
To be honest, I totally feel for Cardi. Well, the sex dream part sounds okay, but the nightmares sound pretty terrible. But although they’re a bit bizarre, according to a study published in the journal BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth, those “spooky dreams” she’s been having are totally common in those expecting.
The study found that 32% of expecting moms had nightmares at least once a month. And based on the questionnaires the women filled out, researchers concluded that the frequency of nightmares was associated with the level of stress they experienced, both baby and non-baby related throughout the day. Given the fact that Cardi B’s career and celebrity status require her to constantly be in the spotlight and under public scrutiny, one can assume that she’s likely to be stressed out more often than most, hence the interesting dreams.
Luckily, The Cut reported that Cardi might be due as soon as the first week of July, so hopefully the weird dreams will be over for her soon. Until, then she’d probably be best suited only thinking happy thoughts before bedtime.
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