25 Women Shot Their Own 'Real' Swimwear Campaign

Photo: Katie Silvester
It's difficult not to feel disheartened by the average swim ad. So many campaigns feature overly sexualized imagery that seems designed to pander to the male gaze, even though men aren't the people spending their hard-earned cash on bikinis and one-pieces. Others show photo after photo of very slim, very toned models rocking barely-there bathing suits. The implicit message can be incredibly damaging: "Only women who look like this should wear these items," they seem to say.
That's why it's so incredibly important when brands break the mold — when they aren't afraid to redefine what a "beach body" looks like. We've seen companies like Monki, Target, and Swimsuits For All embrace body positive and inclusive messaging. Now, Weekday is joining the charge by rejected the traditional glossy swimwear ad in favor of asking "ordinary" women to create their own campaign. The Swedish label sent 25 women items from its new swim collection and asked them to model them in whatever way they saw fit. The women were given complete creative freedom and sent back as few or as many snaps as they wanted. The result is a glorious set of photos — dubbed "My Body My Image" — that emphasizes the fact women's bodies come in so many different shapes and sizes.
"As a fashion brand, we feel that it is our responsibility to present an accurate portrayal of women," Weekday's head of marketing, Nadine Schmidt, said in a press release. "We hope this campaign gives women the power and opportunity to tell their truth and depict their body the way they want." Schmidt added that the offering features "new fit-focused separates [that] come in multiple flattering colors with details such as high waists, asymmetrical lines, full bottom coverage, thin straps, and high necklines," with hopes that the expanded selection will "celebrate the diversity of the female body."
Here's what the collection looks like on 25 different women.

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