Grey's Anatomy Season 14, Episode 22 Recap: "Fight For Your Mind"

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Last week we left off with Karev (Justin Chambers) discovering his mom, who suffers from schizophrenia, had stopped cashing his checks. He wasn't sure if she was dead, roaming the streets, or locked away in a hospital. He and Wilson (Camilla Luddington) road tripped to her house only to find she is...fine. She's back at work and living her life, with the schizophrenia managed. Being a complete bulldozer of an entitled human being, though, Karev couldn't stop himself from guilt tripping her and nearly triggering an episode. Wilson does with him what I do with my dog when she's a pain in the ass: makes him get physical. She takes him to a batting cage until he wears himself out. After yelling his heart out and smashing some balls, he goes back to the library to talk to his mom like a human being. Men are exhausting.
At the hospital, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) is doing a presentation of her liver replication project for the Catherine Fox Foundation. After spotting Aunt Marie (Rachel Ticotin) in the lobby, she ducks out to the bar to hide out for a bit and runs into a guy who tells her he was trying to do the same surgery and she beat him to the punch. They share a whole second astronaut joke and Mer talks herself into getting over it and understanding Marie's POV. In the end, Mer makes a statement revealing that Marie and Ellis (Kate Burton) invented the Grey Method together, admitting to Harper Avery's (Chelcie Ross) role in the suppression of Marie's involvement due to his harassment, and asking that it be called the Grey-Cerone method going forward. That doesn't mean there is going to be a reconciliation, however. Marie asks to talk after, and Mer makes it clear that she's still pissed about that threat to take her invention. Like mother, like daughter on that one.
Jackson (Jesse Williams ) is personally paying out all the suits against his grandfather, with a little something saved for his daughter, so that the foundation can keep all the hospitals open. It's a nice bow to tie on the not-woke Jackson arc we've been going through this season, that he literally has to pay for the sins of someone even less woke.
And the intern, Roy (Rushi Kota), who ate the brownie and got fired is back with his attorney (er, brother) who wants an apology from Bailey (Chandra Wilson). Yeah, that went about how you thought. Bailey interviews the interns. Or, she means to. It takes talking to all of one for her to realize his firing was unfair. The old, scary Bailey comes out in the way she invites him back, and it's perfection.
Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) spends the day at Hunt's (Kevin McKidd) place helping Betty (Kate Messner) detox. Betty detoxes her way right out their bathroom window to chase her next high. Amelia finds herself at a meeting, reckoning with the role that surgeons play in the opioid crisis as well as her devastated hopes for Betty.
Arizona (Jessica Capshaw), Maggie (Kelly McCreary), and DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) trying to convince a patient with a phobic fear of surgeries to go under the knife. The stakes are high/ if she doesn't have the surgery it could be tragic for her baby, causing it to be born paralyzed but she keeps freaking out every time a surgical term or piece of equipment comes her way. Arizona shows up to talk her into the surgery, which I don't think is a thing one can do with actual phobias, but it does make me desperately want her to be my doctor. Then Arizona promises, twice, that she won't die on the table which is about the worst omen I can imagine. In perhaps the most sanguine procedure ever portrayed on this show, everything goes...fine.
Arizona realizes, through this patient and her worries about Sofia acting out, that she needs to move to New York to be close to Callie (Sara Ramirez) for their daughter's benefit. And that she needs to go with her. To be honest, I'm a bit disappointed in this ending for Arizona. She's been this passionate person and the ideal in bedside manner for her whole turn on the series, despite dealing with some remarkable bad fortune. I wish she would have gone out chasing her dreams, rather than giving up her relationship and the life she's built at the hospital to make her child happy. It's real, though. It's real.
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