Here's Why Women Really Say "Men Are Trash"

The phrase "men are trash" has become somewhat ubiquitous in pop culture lately. If you haven't ever said it yourself, you've probably heard it from someone else, or read it in a post from one of your favorite meme accounts. In fact, its become common enough for Facebook to recognize as "hate speech," though that's a whole other story.
But what exactly does it mean, beyond the fairly obvious idea that men suck?
Allow Twitter user Zion Destiny to break it down for you.
On Tuesday, Destiny took to Twitter in a now-viral thread, listing out a whopping 37 reasons why women say that men are trash. Though she exempts "the good guys" from her thread (for those "not all men" responders), she lays it all out, and it is a treat to read.
So what do we really mean when we say "men are trash?"
For starters, she says, men tend to call women "hoes" for everything they do, but slut-shame women for being sexually active while still wanting to be with someone who's sexually experienced.
And it's not just about the hypocrisy that men can have when it comes to women's sexuality — she also called out the ramifications of toxic masculinity and male entitlement.
We could go on and on, but suffice to say, Destiny dropped some serious truths about what women really mean when we say "men are trash." Sure, not all men do all of these things — but enough do to contribute to a culture where, as Destiny said, women can feel unsafe just walking down the street.
Destiny tells Refinery29 that she wanted to post the thread because she was inspired by the "misogyny, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, gender roles, double standards" she witnesses, and by "being a young woman myself and experiencing all the things women do."
Though she says that the response to her thread has been incredibly positive (with, of course, a few exceptions since it is the internet), she hopes that if anyone does feel offended by what she wrote, that they examine why they feel that way.
"I hope that guys who reads my thread takes away that if they are personally bothered by any bits of the thread (or all of it) then they shouldn't lash out at women for feeling the way we do, they should learn from my thread and better themselves as men," she says. "I also hope that they teach their pals too."
You can read the entire thread on Destiny's Twitter page.
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