Meet The Real Husbands Of The House Of Kardashian

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The Kardashian-Jenner kingdom is a matriarchal one. The women are the key influencers, protectors, and enforcers of their celebrity realm; if this was Game of Thrones, a woman would be sitting upon the Iron Throne at all times. But this isn't a fantasy world dreamed up by George R.R. Martin where "dragon energy" actually means something. Instead, in our "real" world, the famous family reminds us of another franchise full of intrigue, betrayal and unparalleled spectacle: thanks to Kim et al, we have the Real Househusbands of Calabasas.
Over the course of the past month (and always, really), the househusbands have been up to some shit, making the men in the Kardashian-verse feel more Bravo-esque than ever. Most notably, the newest cast member, the once-pristine Tristan Thompson, partner of Khloé, has been making up for lost time by cheating on his pregnant girlfriend. But fellow newcomer/hoops-shooter Blake Griffin, all-but-confirmed partner of Kendall, has been generating his own headlines thanks to nasty lawsuit filed by an ex. One season veteran Travis Scott, partner of Kylie, has been keeping his drama pretty low-key, but for how long?
Meanwhile, the two OHs (Original Househusbands) on the block, Kourtney's now-amicable ex/co-parent Scott Disick, and Kanye West, Kim's husband, have been taking turns staying in and out of Page Six. So, let's get the scoop on the full cast, 2018 edition. (Sorry Corey Gamble, wherever you are.)
Meet the Real Househusbands of Calabasas, imaginary taglines included. *Cue theme song and sweeping overhead shots of the neighborhood*

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