Kanye West Says He Got Addicted To Opioids After Liposuction

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Rapper Kanye West has opened up about his battle with drug addiction. According to TMZ, West, who raised controversy recently for claiming that he "loves" Donald Trump, has admitted to struggling with opioid addiction following liposuction.
Per West's interview with TMZ Live, the rapper claimed he was "drugged out" during his mental health crisis in 2016, which led to him cancelling concerts on his Life of Pablo tour and eventually being hospitalized.
"I was drugged the fuck out, bro. I was drugged out. I was on opioids... two days after I got off of opioids, I'm in the hospital... Two days before I was in the hospital."
He added, while addressing the TMZ office:
"I was addicted to opioids. I had plastic surgery, because I was trying to look good for ya'll. I got liposuction, because I didn't want ya'll to call me fat like you called Rob [Kardashian] at the wedding and made him fly home before me and Kim got married. I didn't want ya'll to call me fat, so I got liposuction."
Rob, brother of West's wife Kim Kardashian, reportedly chose not to attend West and Kardashian's star-studded wedding in France due to comments about his body from the press.
West's own plastic surgery reveal comes at an interesting time. His mother Donda died in 2007 following her own surgical procedure, and West recently revealed that he wanted his mother's surgeon, Dr. Jan Adams, to be featured on the cover of his upcoming album. Dr. Adams declined.
Opioid addiction is a serious problem plaguing many communities in the United States. In August of 2017, Trump declared the opioid crisis a "national state of emergency."

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