The Heartbreaking Moment Kim Learned About Kanye's Hospitalization

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Last Sunday's episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians ended with a cliffhanger of sorts. We knew what was coming — Kim receiving news of Kanye West's hospitalization — but we were left wondering as to exactly how the dramatic it unfolded. But a new preview teasing the next episode of KUWTK gives us a heartbreaking look at that pivotal phone call.
When the clip opens, Kim is in a New York hotel room with her sister Kourtney and her mom Kris. (They're there for a charity event, the Angel Ball, which was supposed to be Kim's big re-entrance into the spotlight after her Paris robbery.) Her phone rings, and it's one of Kanye's friends calling from Los Angeles, where the rapper is. Just hours earlier, Kim had supported her husband's decision to cancel the remainder of his tour, citing exhaustion (after weeks of erratic behavior). But the news that Kanye had been hospitalized for his own health and safety hits Kim like a brick.
"What's wrong? Don't scare me, please. What's going on?" Kim says, breaking into sobs. "He's like crying on the phone to me, and he wouldn't say what's wrong," she explains to Kris and Kourtney. "And I'm like, 'Tell me what's wrong.' I just, like, don't know what to do." In a confessional, the mom of two explains, "I get a call from one of Kanye's friends and my heart drops. They're not telling me anything, and I am so scared and I don't know what to do."
No matter how much you do or don't buy into the "reality" part of reality TV, it's hard to watch this very emotional clip and not empathize. It's surreal to get such an intimate firsthand look at a story we've heard so many versions of, from the outside looking in.
Watch the rest of the episode on Sunday, April 16, at 9 p.m. on E!.

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