Selena Gomez Skipped Coachella In Favor Of Target Wine & We Get It

Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images.
Most celebrities spent the first night of Coachella taking selfies, watching that viral yodeling kid take the stage, or, you know, actually performing themselves.
Not Selena Gomez. On Friday night, Gomez was spotted at a Target in Irvine, CA in a sweatshirt and glasses with friend Raquelle Stevens, stocking up on (what else?) wine.
In spite of her incognito look — or, perhaps, because of it — fans were quick to gawk over Gomez, both IRL and online, sharing photos of her if they were lucky enough to have been there and, if not, lamenting that they weren’t there to see her.
Gomez is no stranger to being a relatable celebrity — her complicated relationship with Instagram can resonate with many people — but this may be the most relatable form that Gomez has ever taken.
It is tempting to think of this sighting as definitive proof that Gomez, like most people, will be skipping Coachella entirely, but this likely isn’t the case. According to Elle, this particular Target is about two hours away from the festival and on the exact route to Indio, where Coachella is held, from Gomez’s home in Beverly Hills. So you can probably expect to see Gomez in attendance when Beyoncé performs tonight.
But it does feel safe to say that, last night, Gomez felt that putting on sweats, grabbing Target wine, and (probably) watching movies with some friends in an Airbnb was vastly preferable to watching her ex, The Weeknd, belt out a selection of angsty tunes that were written, in large part, about her.
And, honestly, it’s hard to find fault in that.
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