We Tried Target's New $5 Rosé & Here's How It Holds Up

This weekend, the Target-exclusive wine line, California Roots, is releasing a rosé that costs $5. With its reasonable price point, purchasing a bottle probably won't break the bank, however, it's still important that the wine actually tastes good. A five-spot might not be a lot of money, but it's still money, and you don't want to waste it, right? Well, don't worry because we tasted the rosé and can tell you whether or not the purchase is worth it.
For starters, California Roots' newest addition has a 12.5% alcohol by volume, which is standard for rosé, so in that department, you're not making any sacrifices. But, what about the taste? In Target's press release announcing the new rosé, it described the beverage as having "notes of fresh berry and citrus." We thought it tasted pleasantly fruity, without being too sweet. However, it also had a fairly strong aftertaste. While we wish it was just a little bit smoother, it's definitely on par with other less than $10 bottles. This might not be the rosé you'd save for a special occasion, but it would work well for a post-work weeknight glass or a backyard barbecue, where you don't want to spend good money to booze up all your friends.
Many of us can relate to the experience of going into Target with every intention of buying just the essentials, only to leave with things we definitely didn't need — like several new bottles of nail polish, a romper we swear we'll figure out how to style at some point, or even a piece of furniture we actually have no space for. Due to that strange shopping trance that seems to come over us every time we pass through those red automatic doors, we often end up feeling guilty over the unnecessary purchases. This new rosé could very well end up in your shopping cart even though it was never on your shopping list — because, hello, rosé — but we don't think it will cause buyer's remorse. Overall, this wine is perfectly fine, especially since it only costs $5.

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