Cold Brew & Wine Had A Beverage Baby & Here's What It Tastes Like

Last month, Apothic Wine announced it was getting in on the coolest trend in coffee — yes, you read that correctly. Just in time for summer, the wine brand introduced a limited release red wine which is infused with cold brew. The wine, which is called Apothic Brew, is now beginning to show up on store shelves and we got to try it.
If the idea of mixing two drinks that serve essentially opposite purposes gives you pause, you're certainly not alone. We had some reservations about Apothic Brew, too. While we enjoy drinking a nice glass of red wine to unwind at the end of a long day and can't get enough cold brew during summer, that doesn't necessarily mean the two beverages will taste good when put together. Our skepticism, however, was completely washed away once we took our very first sips.
The smell that immediately emanates from the uncorked bottle of Apothic Brew transports you to your favorite local coffee shop. The scent is cold brew-forward, but it's complimented by a fruity smell as well. As for the wine's taste, it's definitely rich enough to be a dessert wine, but it's not overly sweet. We'd liken it to a port.
Apothic Brew has a mocha flavor to it that reminds us of a toned-down version of red wine hot chocolate — if you haven't had that home concoction, you're missing out. While it definitely tastes like you're drinking wine and not coffee, it is bold and smooth like a glass of cold brew. Because of that boldness and its mocha notes, the wine probably isn't the right drink to pair with dinner. We'd save it for an after-dinner drink and pair it with a lighter dessert like a fruit plate. Unlike cold brew, a glass of Apothic Brew will warm you up as red wine should, so it might not be exactly what you're looking for on a hot summer day. Still, our concerns about two rights making a wrong were unwarranted.
The limited edition wine is available now, so if the idea of indulging in two trendy beverages at once is appealing, be sure to grab a bottle before it gets way too warm outside.

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