Surprise, Surprise, Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s April Fool's Joke Did Not Go Over Well

Here's a question: Has there ever been an April Fool's prank that has ended in, say, laughter and jollity instead of eye-rolling? I'll let you think on that. Meanwhile, let's discuss Arie Luyendyk, Jr.'s April Fool's prank which involved him joking that his fiancée Lauren Burnham is pregnant.
"Secrets finally out, we have a bunny in the oven!" Luyendyk captioned a photo on Instagram and Twitter. The photo is a close-up shot of Burnham's belly.
But, of course, Burnham isn't pregnant — Luyendyk revealed that he and his fiancé were making Dutch baby pancakes in the oven, not another human. See? That's a fun wordplay loophole that allows the post to be a funny prank.
Luyendyk's followers were upset at the joke because having a baby, erm, isn't a joke. (Although it can be very, very, funny.) Fans pointed out that, for many women, conception isn't easy, and even then, pregnancies are risky. Expressing concern that Luyendyk could be so flippant and obnoxious about something a great number of people struggle with. (I'm sure he's not the first to pull this prank.)
"I really and truly hope that if this is a joke, when you do try to conceive you aren’t met with the harsh reality that so many face," one follower replied.
On the other hand, a number of Luyendyk's followers aren't offended — and some of them happen to be women who've suffered miscarriages. "I’ve lost 4 babies and yet somehow I can laugh at the joke and understand it’s not [meant] to hurt anyone," one notes. To each their own.
Later, Luyendyk apologized on his Instagram story, writing, "Sorry if you were offended, but we really are making a Dutch baby." He then shared a photo of the Dutch baby, which, I must say, was beautiful. Congratulations on the pastry, Arie!

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