A Timeline Of Lauren & Arie's Electric Relationship

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Last night, Lauren Burnham and Arie Luyendyk, Jr. got engaged after a tumultuous season of The Bachelor. Luyendyk and Burnham have an "inexplicable" connection, one that was so elusive Luyendyk had to get engaged to another woman before he understood it. Their relationship is — speaking diplomatically — reserved. Reticent. Reluctant. Just kidding, they actually do care about each other a lot, based on what they say, but their timeline is hella confusing. When did they meet? And when did they break up? Later, when did Luyendyk contact Burnham again? And, most importantly, what does Burnham think of Luyendyk's Les Miserables tattoo?
There's a lot about Burnham and Luyendyk that we'll never understand, like the fact that they can supposedly read each other's minds. But maybe by examining the clues surrounding their relationship, we can get a sense of their narrative. They love their "story" after all, even though it's riddled with betrayal. Ahead, the Lauren-Arie story, as best we can understand it.
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