Chrissy Metz Covered Beyoncé At Karaoke & We're Not Mad About It

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There is only one Beyoncé. You know it. I know it. Whoever Becky with the good hair really is definitely knows it. However, just because Bey reigns supreme over most in the music industry doesn't mean we can't applaud a decent Beyoncé cover when we hear one. This Is Us star Chrissy Metz, for example, just graced us with a fabulous karaoke cover of Destiny's Child hit "Say My Name," and honestly, we are so not mad about her channeling her inner Sasha Fierce.
Metz's This Is Us character Kate is a singer, and Metz has some killer pipes in real life, too. She showed off her skills Thursday night at a karaoke bar.
The bar may be called Hong Kong, but it's actually located in Boston — which, yes, is still a little far from where Metz films This Is Us in Los Angeles. However, while This Is Us may be on hiatus, Metz has not stopped working: she was in Beantown promoting her new book This Is Me: Loving The Person You Are Today.
And, of course, crushing her rendition of one of Destiny's Child's most iconic tracks. Listen below.
In an interview with Refinery29's Sesali Bowen, Metz said that her audition for This Is Us did not include a singing portion. In fact, her real voice wasn't necessarily going to be used at all.
"We never auditioned [for singing] and I didn’t think it was going to be a storyline, and then of course because Mandy [Moore] sings they made it a character choice for Rebecca. It was not until the second episode, when we finished the second episode and I got the script for the third, and I saw [Kate would be singing] and was like, ‘What? Huh?'" the actress revealed to R29. "And I remember going to [This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman] and he was like, 'If you can’t sing, it’s fine. It’s totally fine, we can have someone dub your voice.' And I was like, 'I want to do it!'"
Hmm... can season three of This Is Us feature some karaoke moments with Kate? Because I need her rendition of "Survivor," stat.

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