Chrissy Metz Spills The Tea On Lena Waithe, Kids For Kate & Her Revealing New Book

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Warning: This post contains spoilers for This Is Us.
Chrissy Metz makes me cry. She has probably made you cry a time or two as well. It was probably on a Tuesday night as she was playing Kate Pearson on the NBC smash hit, This Is Us. For her part in this weekly cryfest, Metz has pushed body diversity to new, unseen levels portraying the lone plus-sized member of the Pearson family. From flying while fat to eating disorders, Kate is definitely the character I find myself relating to the most as a plus-sized woman. And this is also true for Metz, who is letting fans into her real life in her new memoir, This Is Me: Loving The Person You Are Today.
You don’t have to read really far into Metz’s book to see how much she has been influenced by the show that gave her a big break. Metz even dedicates a couple of pages to Kate and leaves her with some sweet advice. I spoke to Metz about all of this, and the show that has been tugging at all of our heartstrings for a year. Check out some of the tea she spilled, including what it was like to work with Lena Waithe, and if kids are in the future for Kate and her new husband Toby (Chris Sullivan).
Refinery29: What moment, when you first read it in a script, shocked you the most?
Chrissy Metz: “I didn’t expect the miscarriage. That for me was like ‘wow.’ But I thought how brilliant of the writers and Dan [Fogelman, This Is Us creator] to talk about something no one knows how to talk about. They have so much shame about it. How do you bring it up? I think the statistics are literally 8 out of 10 women might have one and sometimes they have multiple miscarriages and so that was shocking because I was like wow I wasn't prepared for this. But it’s such a challenge for an actor. And then to have people relate to this story and talk about something they’ve experienced and that the show has gotten them through a really difficult life even is like...oh my goodness. But they’re always surprising us. I am constantly being surprised.”
Was singing a part of Kate’s character before you were cast?
“No, actually. No not at all. We never auditioned [for singing] and I didn’t think it was going to be a the storyline and then of course because Mandy [Moore] sings they made it a character choice for Rebecca. It was not until the second episode, when we finished the second episode and I got the script for the third, and I saw it and was like, ‘what? Huh?’ And I remember going to Dan he was like, ‘If you can’t sing, it’s fine. It’s totally fine we can have someone dub your voice.’ And I was like ‘I want to do it!’ and he was like, ‘I didn’t know you sang.’ I was like, “Well I want to if you want to let me.” And he said, ‘Of course! Go for it.’ So it’s just been sort of this kind of unfolding through line between of course Rebecca and Kate’s relationship, and aspiring to be like her mom. So no I had no idea it was going to happen. Thank you universe!”
What was it like doing that scene with Lena Waithe on the This Is Us episode, “That’ll Be The Day”?
“I was intimidated because she has this strong, fierce presence. She just knows exactly what she wants, and I’m so indecisive about everything. I have to weigh all the options. She was not only present in the scene, but she’s producing so many things at the same time, and writing. And I’m like, ‘How is she doing all this between takes?!’ I’m a one trick pony if I’m at work. She can do it all, and she does it with grace. I’ve never seen her stressed out. I’m like, ‘Tell me everything. Teach me everything.’ And funny. Funny! And she loves Whitney Houston and so do I. So we were doing a little singing backstage in between scenes. She’s just great. Did you see her Vanity Fair cover?” [Of course I have, and Metz actually squeals after mentioning it.]
Are children in your future on the show or in real life?
"In the show we have talked about that coming up again.I don’t know exactly what that looks like but I definitely think they want to have a family. And who knows, it could be from conception or adoption, there are so many ways that children can come into our lives. And it’s interesting because I was previously married, which I talk about in the book, to an incredible man [His name is Marty and you need to read This Is Me to know why I love him] who I’m still friends with and is just wonderful but just not my forever person as I say. We never thought about having having children. Neither one of us wanted to have children. I couldn’t even keep a plant alive. I was too busy trying to get my life together. So it wasn’t ever anything to think about I have a huge family. I taught pre-school. Kids were always around. So I don’t know. I have no idea. Ask me tomorrow I might say yes. So who knows. I also think that the child chooses the parent so should it be it will be."
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