Could 13 Reasons Why Surprise Us With Season Two This Weekend?

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix
Netflix's 13 Reasons Why was renewed for a second season not long after its freshman run dropped on the streaming platform. Yet, nearly a year after viewers were introduced to Hannah (Katherine Langford), Clay (Dylan Minnette), and the rest of the Liberty High School students, there's still no word of when the second season will hit Netflix. Given that we know the show's sophomore season wrapped production in December, it's worth wondering when the series will announce its season 2 premiere. My theory? The show won't announce it — and, instead, season 2 will drop this weekend on Netflix.
Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why is highly anticipated, despite very little being known about what we can expect from the second run of the series. In addition to Netflix doing very little social media marketing for the new season (the show's official Instagram hasn't posted since January 4) the series has also not yet released a new trailer. (A fan did, however, create a pretty realistic-looking one.) In fact, the only real information we have received is from cast interviews with stars like Langford and Minnette — and what these cast members did say couldn't be more vague.
This doesn't necessarily mean that Netflix will surprise fans with a second season, but it does make it possible. And if Netflix does decide to drop a season on fans? Well, this weekend would be as good a time as ever: Saturday, March 31, marks the anniversary of the show's season 1 premiere.
There's another reason why sticking to this anniversary would be good for 13 Reasons Why, a series about (and, in many ways, for) young people. Sunday, April 1, is Easter, which tends to mark the beginning of spring break for many high schools around the United States. Perhaps 13 Reasons Why will drop its second season during a time when its target audience will be a little more free to watch.
One more hint that more 13 Reasons Why is heading our way soon? While the series has not done much promotion, it did publicly release the opening credits for next season, which include a warning to fans about the content within the program. If the next season was still weeks or even months out... why give fans this detail?
Of course, this is at best just a theory, and at worse wishful thinking — but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Netflix has a surprise in store.

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