Grey's Anatomy Season 14, Episode 17 Recap: "One Day Like This"

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After getting into a cab at the end of last week's episode, Hunt (Kevin McKidd) shows up on Teddy's (Kim Raver) front doorstep in Germany to tell her that she's the love of her life. Inside her perfect kitchen, she answers his question with a kiss. It's so romantic, watching them in the snow as they about the logistics of how to live together and work together. The thread unravels a little when Teddy realizes that not only did Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) tell Hunt to go to her but that it happened because they were sleeping together. So Teddy has it out with him, tells him she's not his sloppy seconds after reading him a history of his romantic life and kicks him out. Honestly, it's hard to say if she's right or if she's scared, but I'm going to think about this the next time an ex wants to rekindle the flame.
The main event tonight, however, is Kepner (Sarah Drew) coming to terms with her growing crisis of faith. She faces off against Bailey (Chandra Wilson) and Jackson (Jesse Williams ) while treating a rabbi with a fluke case of TEN, which causes his skin to separate from his body as part of an allergic reaction to antibiotics that the chief subscribed. As part of the disease, he is in a huge amount of pain, but he tells Kepner he'd rather not have any pain meds or tubes. Bailey is, of course, pacing around to see how he's doing but Kepner won't let her come into the room. When the rabbi figures this out, it becomes Kepner's spiritual advisor. It's an interesting direction for God (or the writer's room) to work on her because his impertinence probably isn't something she'd put up with from a man of her faith given the crisis she's in. His wise old man persona works its magic on Kepner, in a way that Jackson and Hunt confronting her before this couldn't. She bawls as they talk and as he dies in enormous pain. English needs a word for heartbreaking but beautiful. Kepner beatifically tells Bailey that the rabbi forgave her and seemed at peace with the idea that she won't ever know the will of God. So is it back to the old Kepner now?
Oh, and there's a new hot doctor, Felicity's own Ben Covington! Er, I mean Dr. Marks (Scott Speedman). He's an overachiever, a world-class transplant surgeon, who also happens to be rejecting the kidney he was just given. He keeps passing up paid meds so I'm going to guess he had the kidney replaced because he was an alcoholic. It might also explain why he keeps trying to get Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) to confess her secrets to him. It does not, however, explain why he keeps hitting on her despite his failing kidney. She finds the clot that's causing his problem and he, in turn, tells her where all his important documents are in case she dies in surgery and readers, that's the moment when I teared up. But she saves his kidney so he can't become a shoe salesman. At the bar after, Mer tells Karev (Justin Chambers) that he gave her the Derek feels. Guess she likes that strong come-on! And, despite Hunt and Teddy not being able to get it together, maybe romance isn't dead.

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