Will Grey's Anatomy Kill Off April?

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It's been less than a week since Grey's Anatomy announced it'd be getting rid of two fan-favorite characters, Dr. April Kepner and Dr. Arizona Robbins, and the painful sting has yet to wear off. But, as the reality of their inevitable exit starts to sink in, we're starting to think a lot more about just how the series will say goodbye.
We've already talked about the possibility that Arizona will run off with Dr. DeLuca on a research expedition. It's also not unfathomable that she'd get a job offer elsewhere.
But, things seem more complicated for April, who shares a daughter with ex-husband, Jackson Avery. How do you sever ties with someone so closely linked to another lead character? Unfortunately, some fans speculate the only plausible explanation would be to give her the ax — maybe literally.
Do we want to believe that the only solution to getting rid of April is killing her? No, of course not! But, we're starting to think that it might be the only way. Hear us out.
As so many fans have noted, April is a survivor. She fought tirelessly to get to where she is, and though she experienced some setbacks, she never gave up. When she failed her first medical exams, she hit the books, studied hard, and made sure she would pass the next time around. She served in the military only to come back home and have a shooter point a gun in her face. She's experienced the devastating losses of her child, Samuel, and her marriage to the love of her life, Jackson.
Along the way, her faith has been tested; but, even at her lowest, April inspired hope in others and gave everything she had to her daughter, Harriet. Sadly, it's because of her relationship with her daughter that she probably has to die.
Think about it for just a second. Is there any way April would move and leave her little girl behind? The chances of that seem pretty slim.
Plus, Grey's Anatomy has a history of killing off all of your favorite characters. It's kind of like the Game of Thrones of the medical-drama world.
Let's just hope that if they really do choose to kill off April, they'll let her die doing something heroic so her selfless legacy can live on through others.

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