This Is What Happened To Your Old Favorite Grey’s Anatomy Actors

Starring on Grey's Anatomy is a stressful gig. You never know when your character will be impaled with an icicle, struck by a bullet in a hospital shooting, or left for dead in the woods following a plane crash. Who knew doctors had it so tough?
The often-deadly story lines on Grey's Anatomy mean that the cast rotates out on the regular. With season 13 returning for its winter premiere on January 26, it's time we remember all of the main characters we've bid farewell to on the series. While not everyone who has left the show has done so in a body bag, they've all done so after some serious drama. Whether it was a breakup or car accident that made them peace out of Grace-Sloan Memorial, we'll never forget the tears we cried at their expense.
Fortunately, the actors who portrayed these characters are alive and well, and most have done a slew of other projects since leaving the show. Want to see what the actors who portrayed some of our favorite docs are doing today? Click through to find out.

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