Every Time Grey’s Anatomy Kicked Us In The Heart

On March 27, 2005 people tuned into a little show called Grey's Anatomy for the first time. This was before Shonda Rhimes was a household name. This was before TGIF was replaced with TGIT. Heck, this was even before the writers catapulted the term "vajayjay" into mainstream vocabularies. (Spoilers Below.)
Saying we've shed some tears over the show in the last decade would be an understatement. The saddest episodes may have been responsible for some mini-floods. Before, if a TV drama resulted in you breaking down in tears once or twice during its run, it was considered a success. We thought that Shonda Rhimes had succeeded in making the saddest episode of TV possible — but that was before tonight. We never thought we would have to say goodbye to Derek Shepherd.
We trained ourselves to not get too attached to new characters — it is a hospital after all — but we couldn't help but fall for the main characters. No one is safe in Shondaland — especially during mid-season sweeps and season finales. Here are the 16 scenes that left us reaching for the tissues, applying a lot of concealer the next day, and telling ourselves we would never turn the television on again. Until the next week, at least.

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