Riverdale Just Gave Us A Reason To Worry About Jughead

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Jughead Jones may never let us forget that he's a Southside Serpent, but that doesn't mean Riverdale's self-proclaimed answer to Truman Capote is invincible. In fact, according to Cole Sprouse's interview with PopSugar at PaleyFest on Sunday, the season 2 finale of Riverdale could put Jughead on the razor's edge.
There's no question that Sprouse's Jughead has played with fire this season. Ever since he took control of the Serpents (which, uh, not every Serpent was particularly thrilled about) he has made enemies with everyone from Hiram Lodge (Mark Consuelos) to shady Serpent lawyer Penny Peabody (Brit Morgan). Jughead's crusade to save the Southside — as noble as it may be — definitely showed viewers his dark side. (Never forget the time he had Penny's snake tattoo cut from her arm.) Now, Sprouse has teased to PopSugar that the darkness could catch up with him.
Speaking to the outlet, Sprouse said:
"I think he's at a place where he's made himself very vulnerable to some very powerful people who are known killers," Sprouse revealed to the outlet. "And the end of the season kind of sees a horrifying fruition for a character who's really put himself in a vulnerable space, and padded himself with his gang members and padded himself with a crew of bruisers and some goons. But the kid's in danger."
Hmm... could this "danger" have anything to do with whoever the real Black Hood is? K.J. Apa recently teased to TVLine that janitor Svenson (Cameron McDonald) wasn't the real Black Hood, and if there's anyone who would want to learn the killer's true identity, it would be the true crime-obsessed Jughead. (And his girlfriend, Betty "I Kill Bad Men" Cooper.)
Obviously, there's a lot that could put Jughead in harm's way this season. Let's just hope he makes it out of the CW show's sophomore run unscathed.

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