Chris Hemsworth's New Facial Hair Is… Surprising

Andrew Chin/Getty Images.
In an increasingly uncertain world, there are few things we can count on. Thank the powers that be that we can still rely on Chris Hemsworth to give us a good story when it comes to character makeovers.
Last year, the actor took his hairstyle from Thor 1.0 to Thor 2.0 (that is, from a cascading, perfectly-layered cut that recalled a Legends of the Fall-era Brad Pitt to a rugged buzzcut) — and later explained the reasons for the drastic change in an on-air interview. (Yes, the amount of maintenance required to keep his luscious locks in tip-top shape had something to do with it.) Now, Hemsworth is sharing his evolution from scruffy, bearded actor to mustachioed man — a new look created for his role in an upcoming film alongside Dakota Johnson and Jon Hamm. “Tryin to find the look for Bad Times at the El Royale,” the actor captioned a video he posted to Instagram.
The clip shows Hemworth having his beard shaved in a hair-and-makeup trailer on set — first into a mutton-chop style, which he visibly disapproves of, before taking matters into his own hands. After putting his own spin on the cut, he passes the clippers back to a stylist to finish the job. The outcome? A little something that we like to call "the pornstache" nowadays.
Considering the film's setting (according to IMDB, a run-down hotel near Lake Tahoe, CA, in the 1960s), though, the style is likely to carry more of a studly every-man vibe than that of a total creep when we finally get to see it in action. Of course, we'll have to watch the movie before we can truly judge a man by his mustache, but you'll find us replaying this video just a few more times before then.
Does it matter whether we’re into the new look? Um, no. Because if there’s one thing we’ve learned from this clip, it’s that you can take a beard (or brawny hairstyle) out of a Hemsworth brother, but he’ll always have his sexy. That's not the kind of thing you can just shave away.

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