A Handy Guide To The Hunky Hemsworths

A curious thing happened to me earlier this year. For the first time since my teenage love for Daniel Day-Lewis faded in 2012, I became completely obsessed with a celebrity. More precisely, I became obsessed with a celebrity unit: The Skarsgård family. Somewhere, I knew, the eight Skarsgård siblings and their actor father were having dinner in a large, sparsely decorated Swedish dining room, and it made me smile wistfully.
Since that deep, deep internet dive, I’ve been scouring Hollywood looking for the next celebrity family to become obsessed with. It hit me watching a trailer for Thor: Ragnarok, out on November 3. The three Hemsworth brothers, who are the actual embodiment of the word “hunky,” are the natural successors for my Skarsgård obsession. New movies like Isn't It Romantic, in which Liam Hemworth plays the Platonic ideal of a leading man, only confirms my suspicion.
Extensive research has led me to conclude that the Hemsworth brothers are a delight. They would make fantastic guests at your outdoor barbecues, able to entertain people with stories of days in the Outback while expertly grilling ribs. They would offer to fix the hole in your roof, even after a long day at the set.
Read this and you, too, will be convinced.
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