A Handy Guide To The Hunky Hemsworths

A curious thing happened to me earlier this year. For the first time since my teenage love for Daniel Day-Lewis faded in 2012, I became completely obsessed with a celebrity. More precisely, I became obsessed with a celebrity unit: The Skarsgård family. Somewhere, I knew, the eight Skarsgård siblings and their actor father were having dinner in a large, sparsely decorated Swedish dining room, and it made me smile wistfully.
Since that deep, deep internet dive, I’ve been scouring Hollywood looking for the next celebrity family to become obsessed with. It hit me watching a trailer for Thor: Ragnarok, out on November 3. The three Hemsworth brothers, who are the actual embodiment of the word “hunky,” are the natural successors for my Skarsgård obsession. New movies like Isn't It Romantic, in which Liam Hemworth plays the Platonic ideal of a leading man, only confirms my suspicion.
Extensive research has led me to conclude that the Hemsworth brothers are a delight. They would make fantastic guests at your outdoor barbecues, able to entertain people with stories of days in the Outback while expertly grilling ribs. They would offer to fix the hole in your roof, even after a long day at the set.
Read this and you, too, will be convinced.
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Before we proceed, let’s clear something up. There is a third Hemsworth brother.

His name is Luke Hemsworth, and you can thank him for this entire slideshow. Luke was actually the first Hemsworth to get into acting, and he inspired his younger brothers to take the same route. Until recently, Luke’s acting career was limited to Australia. He studied at the National Institute of Dramatic Art in Melbourne, and was in the soap Neighbors in 2001. Yet by the age of 27, Luke was disillusioned with the biz.

“I did Neighbours, then my focus changed. I wanted to have something that could provide money while still allowing time for auditions. So, I learned the flooring business, started my own, and in that time, got married and had a couple of kids," he told ET.

Now, he and his wife, Samantha, have four kids under the age of seven.
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Since moving to LA, Luke's acting career has taken off again.

Chris Hemsworth helped facilitate the move by hiring Luke to be his personal trainer for Thor: The Dark World in 2013. Luke saved up money, and then relocated his family to LA.

Likely, your first exposure to the lesser known Hemsworth brother came when he played Ashley Stubbs in Westworld. Luke confirmed that you’ll see Stubbs in Season 2.

He also appeared in the 2017 Western Hickok.
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You probably already know Chris and Liam Hemsworth.

Chris, 34, also known as "Thor," is one of four Hollywood Chrises. He's married to the Spanish actress Elsa Pataky, and they have three children.

Liam, 27, is known for his years-long, on-and-off relationship with Miley Cyrus, and for playing Gale in The Hunger Games series.

Since we know you're wondering while looking at the photo: Chris and Liam are both 6'3".

Pictured, from left: Liam, Luke, Chris
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They all got their start on Australian soaps.

Luke appeared on ten episodes of Neighbors in 2001, and his two younger brothers also made early appearances on the show — Chris for one episode in 2002, and Liam for 25 episodes in 2007. Luke and Liam acted alongside each other in the show The Elephant Princess. Chris had a three-year stint on Neighbours' rival show, Home and Away.

"Spent a lot of time on the beach and went through every melodramatic tragedy that one can go through—plane crashes and fires and robberies and landslides. All sorts of ridiculous things would happen to my character. I had three different kids. All three kids with three different women across that show. I was 19 on the show for three years, five days a week. I just never aged," Chris told W Magazine of his time on Home and Away.
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The Hemsworths had a rough-and-tumble childhood in the Australian Outback.

Growing up, the Hemsworths split time between Melbourne and Bulman, a small Aboriginal town in the remote reaches of Australia’s Northern Territory. Their father, Craig Hemsworth, worked on cattle ranches while living there, as a way for the family to save money.

“It was four-and-a-half hours from the nearest town. My parents ran the community centre which doubled as a post office and grocery store. It was in the middle of nowhere. There were crocodiles and buffalo. I went to a school that was made up of 60 [Aboriginal] kids between the ages of five and 17, all mashed into two classrooms,” Chris Hemsworth described in the Telegraph.

Obviously, in that land of crocs and buffalo, hijinks ensued, including tormenting Liam with a BB gun. “We made Liam put a motorbike helmet on and a couple of jumpers and some gloves and we said ‘run’. And we had to hunt him around the house. He didn’t love that game as much as we did,” Chris told the Herald Sun.
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Their parents are low-key heroes.

Leonie is an English teacher, and Craig worked in child protection services. Together, Leonie and Craig created policy that would help children throughout Australia.

“They both switched into the Australian Childhood Foundation, where they wrote a model for basically every Australian organisation so they would be able to recognise abuse and steps to follow in safeguarding children,” Luke told the Herald Sun.
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Leonie was actually Liam's teacher for a while – but in an unfortunate subject.

“No child should have to be taught sex education by their mum,” Liam told Jay Leno in 2013. Apparently, Liam found the entire situation so unbearable that he rarely showed up to class. “I think out of embarrassment she passed me."
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Chris decided to become an actor in order to help his parents out, financially.

"We grew up with very little money and that kind of frustrated me as a kid listening to my parents talk about bills every week and sort of seeing the sort of weight that put on them. I thought, 'That's it. I'm gonna make money and pay off their house,'" Chris told W Magazine.

Eventually, he did just that. Leonie and Craig are now retired, and live in a house that Chris bought for them. He also paid off all their debt. Luke recalls the moment when Chris showed his parents their new house.

"He’d transferred the money to our parents’ bank account and I had to tell my mum to look. I’ll never forget watching my mum open up her online banking page," he told the Guardian.
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The Hemsworths are so Australian that they are actually related to Crocodile Dundee.

Crocodile Dundee, the highest-grossing film in Australia, is based on the life of the Hemsworths’ uncle by marriage, Rod Ansell. Ansell was branded a "real life Robinson Crusoe" after surviving in impossible circumstances. During a trip down the Victoria River, a crocodile capsized his boat. Ansell survived for seven weeks in the wild, resorting to methods like drinking cow’s blood.

The Hemsworths’ maternal aunt, Joanne Van Os, met Ansell, the real-life Crocodile Dundee, when she was 22 and living in the remote Outback. They had two sons. In their early days together, van Os and Ansell lived “under just a canvas sheet” and didn’t have electricity, running water, or really any connection with the outside world, as van Os wrote in her book, Outback Heart.
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Once, Joanne van Os and Leonie Hemsworth visited New York together. It sounded wonderful.

In a 2012 blog post, Van Os described visiting New York with her sister, Leonie, to support Liam at a film premiere. Apparently, the lovely residents of New York freaked out when they found out Leonie was the mother of Hemsworths.

"We met 'Toast' in a bar on Times Square. He looked like the kind of guy you’d edge away from at first sight, a bit wild-eyed and scruffy with a mouthful of broken teeth, but he turned out to be a genuinely good bloke, and a wildly enthusiastic Thor fan. When he discovered that Leonie was Thor’s mother (Chris Hemsworth is her son too), his eyes bugged out and he turned to the bar and announced, ‘Hey you guys, this is THOR’S MOM!!’ He said he spent years in hospital as a youngster and the thing that kept him going were Thor comics. We were relieved to hear that Chris had “nailed it” as Thor in the movie."
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Imagine the raucousness of these family gatherings.

Chris Hemsworth has three children with his wife, Elsa Pataky. Luke has four young kids, too. Add all that commotion to the three brothers themselves. Luke summed up their parties in one word: Loud.

“Chris’ kids are loud and we, the boys, are loud as well. Once we get going, it’s a raging party with things being broken, kids kicking things. It’s good times,” Luke told Hola!
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Two Hemsworths were once up for the same role.

In 2011, both Luke and Chris auditioned to play Thor. Liam got loads of call-backs, but Chris didn't. Fueled by "frustration" that his little brother had gotten further in the audition process, Hemsworth tried for another audition — and got it. As you know, he got the part.
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Actually, the sibling rivalry between Chris and Liam wasn't anything new.

Chris and Liam spent their childhood embroiled in fist fights. At one point, their mother tried to intervene; she got her finger broken. And at the age of eight, Liam threw a knife at Chris' head. Luckily for Chris' acting career, the handle made contact with his face — not the blade.

The fighting between Liam and Chris escalated to the point that, when their parents went away on a three-month trip, the brothers had to stay in separate relatives' houses. They were too much to handle.
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Don't hold your breath for a Hemsworth brothers movie.

“When we find the right script that’s good enough, then we’ll do it,” Chris Hemsworth told Vanity Fair. “But we can’t do too many jobs together. It would be like The Brady Bunch.
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Finally, check which brother you're most astrologically compatible with!

Sure, all three brothers are in committed, long-term relationships. But this will help you narrow down which of the three brothers you should run away with, should you receive the opportunity.

Chris is a Leo! Liam is a Capricorn! Luke is a Scorpio!
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In 2018, Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus got married.

Thus linking two massive entertainment clans forever. Hemsworth and Cyrus met on set for the movie The Last Song in 2009.
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