Read This & You Too Will Worship The Skarsgård Family

While we've been focusing our collective pop culture gaze on famous Hollywood families like the Smiths, the Kardashians, and the Cyruses, we've missed out on the most fascinating acting clan perhaps ever. I'll say it now, and I'll say it every day: No Hollywood clan can compete with the Skarsgårds.
The Skarsgårds are Big in Sweden, and are on their way to becoming Very Big in America. Stellan Skarsgård, an acclaimed Swedish actor, has eight (eight!) children, four of whom are actors. You already know Alexander from True Blood and Big Little Lies. His younger brother, Bill, hit it big playing Pennywise in IT. In April 2018, Gustaf is made his debut in Season 2 of Westworld (along with one of the Hemsworth brothers).
If anyone deserves a reality TV show filmed about their family, it's this warm, talented, Scandinavian clan. I can see the show playing out before me: Stellan’s unconventional parenting, boisterous actor-brothers arguing over political issues in their cozy light-wood summer cottage, and dinner party conversations filmed late into the night. If I sound crazily enthusiastic to you, it’s only because you haven’t met them yet. Welcome. Welcome to the future.
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