Alexander Skarsgard Really Wants To Return For Season 2 Of Big Little Lies

Photo: Courtesy of HBO
We're still waiting to hear if HBO's Big Little Lies will receive a season 2 and expand the story that author Liane Moriarty created. Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman are keeping their fingers crossed that a sophomore season will happen, and they're not alone in wanting to return to the series — Alexander Skarsgard is also onboard for more Big Little Lies. If you're a fan wondering how Skarsgard's Perry (who, spoiler alert, was killed in the season finale) would return to Monterey, not to worry: The actor has a solution that will make rejoining the cast an absolute breeze.
Skarsgard spilled on his plans to come back to Big Little Lies in an interview with Variety, and it involves him playing a family member of the deceased dad.
"Perry’s got a twin sister called Terry and she shows up and she’s pissed off that they all killed her brother," he told the trade. "So, it’s basically a badass revenge story about this six foot four woman named Terry who’s there to avenge the death of her brother."
It sounds like Skarsgard has been taking notes from Pretty Little Liars. If Perry was bad, I can't even imagine what his evil twin might be like. Fortunately, I have a feeling that no one (least of all fans) will be okay with this plot development — but that, maybe, they'd be cool with Skarsgard coming back for creepy Perry-centric dream sequences.
Perry may be the villain of the show — he's a rapist who abuses his wife Celeste (Nicole Kidman) regularly — but Skarsgard was careful to play him as a human being. He told Variety he wanted to add depth to his Big Little Lies character.
"It was important to find some core of humanity, I think, in order for the audience to at least understand this character, not to empathize, but to understand him," he revealed to the publication. "And at least acknowledge that he’s struggling or that he’s conflicted. And that he is in a lot of pain. Because otherwise I don’t think it’s interesting if you don’t get in there."
Skarsgard has clearly nailed the part of Perry — so maybe he should stick to that role if Big Little Lies ever receives a season 2.

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