These Are The Best Packing Strategies For Any Spring Break Trip

Photographed by Alexandra Gavillet.
The perfect spring break destination and travel companions range widely from person to person. Although our dream destinations may have evolved over the years (from wild beach cities to cabins in the woods), our packing anxieties haven't. Getting our shit together for a pre-summer trip with residual winter weather outside, can be a challenge. We've planned transportation and made reservations like pros, but packing always manages to sneak up on us; we end up agonizing over what to bring, what not to bring, how to bring it, and where to put it?!
Instead of waiting until the last possible moment this year with a nagging fear that something's been lost in the shuffle, we decided to actually get ahead of packing dread. Whether you have plans to travel solo, with an S.O., family, friends, or even a group of strangers, let the ahead hacks guide you. It's time to leave the early-morning suitcase stuffing routine and become a spring break packing pro.

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