Meghan Markle Marked Her Baptism With Meaningful Bling

Like any young woman, Meghan Markle celebrated receiving her religious sacraments with a gift. Hers just happened to be a whole lot more blinged out than most. Last week, while in Birmingham, England with Prince Harry, Markle showed off a diamond cross bracelet. It was made especially for her in celebration of her recent baptism and confirmation, Glamour reported.
Markle was reportedly baptized and confirmed last Tuesday in a secret ceremony at the Church of England with her fiancé by her side and her new bling is actually pretty customary. While a bride-to-be gets an engagement ring — and Markle’s engagement ring is certainly something to behold — baptism bracelets are also a common keepsake. Like Markle’s delicate bracelet, they often feature crosses, sometimes with the person’s name or a biblical scripture engraved on it, too.
Being that Markle’s style is all her own, it’s no surprise that she’s paired her new bracelet with another band from one of her fave brands. Markle stacked her baptism bracelet with the $925 24k white gold Horizontal Bar Bracelet made by Birks’ Rosée du Matin. It’s a sure bet that this bracelet will sell out as quick as the J. Crew coat she recently wore.
Markle, who grew up Episcopalian, didn’t have to convert to her future husband’s religion before their wedding. But, her decision isn’t a bad way to get in good with her future in-laws, since Queen Elizabeth is technically the head of the Church of England.
Prince Harry and Markle have reportedly been following his brother’s lead, following many of the same steps they took before their 2011 wedding, including this low-key religious ceremony. Kate Middleton was also confirmed in private in the months leading up to her wedding. No word if Middleton, who was baptized as a child, also received a bracelet after receiving the sacrament.
What we do know is Middleton received a charm bracelet with her initials on it as a wedding gift from her mother-in-law Camilla Parker-Bowles. Now, we’ll all have to wait and see what Camilla gets Markle for her wedding.

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