From Actress To Designer, The Evolution Of Sarah Jessica Parker

Photo: Sacha Maric @ De Facto Inc. Courtesy of Gap.
Rabbit, rabbit. If you don't know what that means, then you've probably had a lot of bad luck in your life. Okay, we're only joking. But, if you don't happen to be familiar with this particular superstition, then, from here on out, mark your calendars to start saying it on the first of every month to ensure good fortune. And if you are, then you're going to love Sarah Jessica Parker's limited-edition clothing line for GapKids. Inspired by the British and North American tradition, Parker's latest fashion project is an ode to heirlooms and a celebration of childhood.
Despite the fact that she can't recall when or why it started, Parker channeled the magic of the good luck mantra and worked with the retailer to develop a children's line that calls to the nostalgia of hand-me-downs and tradition. Well, that and the clothes are just downright cute. "With children, you can do things that are slightly magical — and obviously have charm — because they’re more receptive to things," she tells Refinery29. "A lot of children like to look at their friends and people in their community and feel like, I look like them. Because sometimes it’s the outer layer that makes you feel connected."
Parker may have been in good hands with Gap's seasoned design team, but she's had more than enough fashion training to know her way around prints, fabrics, and production. 2015 saw the debut of her namesake shoe line, with a handbag collection following in 2017. But it's her memories of her early days in New York — and before, of her childhood spent thrifting and recycling fashion that'd been passed throughout her own family — that set the tone for her latest venture. Between gingham prints, stripes, florals, embroidered rabbit motifs, as well as special "property of" tags, the collection embodies the delight in holding on to, and passing down, clothes that are meant to last forever. And with pieces running from $16.95 to $78, they won't break the bank either.
"Thrift stores really made me feel like myself in the city that I loved. Because you’re always trying to figure out where home is, and when you find it, you’re trying to make sure it feels like home. And they were really instrumental for both aesthetic and financial reasons," Parker says. "The clothes were timeless in their construction, their silhouette, their fabrics — they were just beautiful. I want kids to be able to wear the thing that makes them feel most like themselves." Staying true to oneself seems to be at the heart of the Gap. After receiving a letter from a five year old requesting more gender neutral options, its CEO Jeff Kirwan wrote back, vowing to expand the options for children who are exploring their gender(s). And it was a thought — nay, a must — Parker kept front of mind from the start.
"Any child should go to any department based off of whatever they’re feeling, frankly. I wanted very much for this collection to not just be of quality items that could withstand active children’s lives, but also that they don’t have a gender-specific identity to them. I think that’s really helpful for families and I think it’s really helpful for children to have choices that they don’t feel are restricted to conventional ideas."
To peruse Sarah Jessica Parker's limited-edition collection for GapKids, check out the slideshow ahead. And when it becomes available to shop on March 1 (online and in select GapKids stores across the globe), consider this your advance reminder to remember to whisper those two magic words. Shh.

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