The Kardashians Had A Surprise Reaction To Scott & Sofia’s Relationship On KUWTK

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If any show needs drama to survive, it’s Keeping Up With The Kardashians, which has sustained itself with family hijinks and wildly personal woes for a full decade. That’s why one would expect the topic of Scott Disick’s latest romantic relationship — with teenage model and celebrity daughter Sofia Richie, 19 — would cause a near crisis in KardashiWorld. It is hard to ignore the new pair’s 15-year age difference and the fact the youngest of Kris Jenner’s children, 20-year-old Kylie Jenner, is almost exactly one full year older than Scott’s new girlfriend.
And, yet, the shade queens of KUWTK surprised us with Sunday night’s “A Tangled Web,” as Scott, 34, and Sofia’s relationship was finally explored on camera. Instead of dragging the February-May romance for all it's worth, the Kardashians were actually supportive, reminding us it just might be a good idea to be a little bit kinder to one of 2017’s most bizarre, shocking couplings.
We first get a hint of the Sofia conversations to come during a private shopping trip to Bergdorf Goodman for Scott and Kris. While the momager coos at inanimate objects and bemoans her own shopping obsessions, Scott quietly shops for a mystery woman. He questions whether he should get a Céline handbag for “her,” and eventually decides yes, yes he should. While the items Scott purchases for his three kids with Kourtney Kardashian are getting shipped to Calabasas, the designer bag is staying with Scott in NYC, signaling the recipient is in the Big Apple with him, as opposed to on the West Coast. Anyone with access to Google can tell you the accessory is worth thousands to dollars, suggesting the “her” in question must seriously matter to Scott.
This is when Kim Kardashian steps in to throw her support behind Scott’s unexpected relationship, giving us a defense no one saw coming. In a confessional interview, the KKW Beauty mogul, who went to NYC for Fashion Week with her mother and pseudo brother-in-law, confirms she has spotted images of Scott and Sofia running around the city together. “Whatever makes him happy,” she says in response to the new pairing. “I don’t judge. I don’t care. I think it’s a good thing.”
The explanation for Kim’s surprisingly blasé attitude can be found in a single sentence from her talking head chat. “I just hope that he’s making good choices and having fun and nothing’s getting crazy” she says before the episode moves on to Kendall Jenner’s latest achievement. A large part of the reason Scott went to New York, as “Tangled Web” works to prove, is to see if he could enjoy his hometown sober. Kris doesn’t believe that’s possible and attempts to distract her “son” with lots of activities and lunch dates. You can feel the tension in the air any time a waiter or host asks if either of them would like an adult beverage. Thankfully, Scott turns down each drink and opts for water or nothing at all every time.
Considering Kim’s sentiments about “good choices” and a lack of apparent “crazy” antics, it’s possible the Kardashians credit Sofia for Scott’s uncharacteristically responsible behavior in NYC. If nothing else, at least the teen is distracting Lord Disick from the allure of hard boozing or even harder substances in his hometown. If she even has a small part in keeping a supposedly reformed Scott on track, why complain? All longtime KUWTK viewers know, a truly single Scott could end up wreacking havoc in his own personal East Coast “playground,” as Kris calls NYC.
This explains why Kris subsequently throws her support behind Scott and Sofia’s relationship once everyone is back in California. Instead of criticizing Scott for moving on from a woman four years older than he is with a teen a decade-and-a-half his junior, the momager tries to find common ground. Kris agrees the age difference isn’t all that shocking considering how old she had been upon meeting first husband Robert Kardashian.
“So, I was 17. And Robert was… Well, 12 years older,” Kris recalls. That means the late Kardashian patriarch was 29 at the time of meeting his future bride, whom, as Scott points out, may have been underage at the time. Clearly, the Kardashian sisters can’t complain about Scott's current girlfriend. If their own mother hadn’t entered a Sofia Ritchie situation herself, they — and their empire — wouldn’t exist.
Even with all the kumbaya vibes around Scofia (because Sofott isn’t an option) it’s obvious we shouldn’t expect to see her on KUWTK anytime soon. Scott points out no one is hanging out with Kourt’s similarly young “friend” Younes Bendjima, so it would be “bizarre” to start bringing Sofia around. Plus, Lord Disick is trying to “respect” ex-girlfriend Kourtney and her feelings.
So, don't go holding your breath for a Kourtney-Younes-Scott-Sofia KUWTK double date.
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