What Gisele Bündchen's Makeup-Free Vogue Cover Really Means

With only two days until Super Bowl LII airs, it makes sense that Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen have been the topic of countless headlines. (Even the little things, like a video of the athlete kissing his 11-year-old son, have people asking a lot of questions.) But one of our favorite pieces of news comes from the model, who just posted a masterfully shot cover of the latest issue of Vogue Italia — and it's as angelic as you'd expect.
Once upon a time, catching celebrities without makeup in public was a big deal (we're glad that fad had ended). The moment Alicia Keys announced she was ridding her lifestyle of the stuff once and for all, it started a no-makeup movement. Soon, Mila Kunis was appearing on the cover of Glamour magazine bare-faced and fancy free. Stars were posting endless no-makeup selfies on Instagram. So seeing Bündchen, the second-highest paid model in the world, without a stitch of foundation or mascara isn't revolutionary. If anything, it's just perfect timing.
Only Bündchen appearing on the cover of one of the top fashion magazines in the world could distract us from the heat that comes when a Super Bowl win is on the line. Because the only thing some people like more than shit-talking Brady is loving his wife and her low-maintenance beauty routine.
Sports aside, this photoshoot also marks the first time in history that the magazine has published a makeup-free cover. It's a big deal — big enough to halt all conversations of whether or not kissing your child on the lips is acceptable and instead spend the rest of our Friday afternoon wondering how someone could look so beautiful in natural light.

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