Ladies & Gentlemen: The Most Terrifying Movie Of The Year

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Horror fans have been fortunate over the past year with a bevy of creepy entertainment offerings, including Academy Award-nominated film Get Out and the trippy Netflix series Black Mirror. However, true lovers of the genre can never never really get enough of a fright fix. Thankfully, the brilliant minds over at A24 (The Witch, Split) have introduced Hereditary, a film so shockingly good that some are saying it's "the most disturbing and terrifying" thing they've seen in years.
According to a press release, the film, which was written and directed by Ari Aster and debuted at the Sundance Film Festival, tells the story of a family whose "cryptic and increasingly terrifying" ancestral secrets begin to reveal themselves following the passing of the family matriarch. Throughout the bone-chilling trailer, star Toni Collette grapples with her loss while she and the rest of her family begin to unravel into chaos — we're talking people walking upside-down on walls, birds flying into windows, people getting set on fire, and a whole slew of other unexplainable events.
Watch the trailer at your own risk:
If you're at all skeptical whether the trailer revealed all of the good parts, viewers who were lucky enough to watch at Sundance are raving that Hereditary is even better in its entirety.
If the blood-curdling reviews aren't enough to convince you, perhaps imagining Hereditary as a more sadistic version of Lady Bird will help?
Though this particular movie mom seems, well, unhinged, there's no doubt Collette will deliver a compelling performance. Her portrayal of stressed-out single mom Lynn Sear in The Sixth Sense was simultaneously heartbreaking and horrifying. We can only imagine what she'll bring to the table as the one who witnesses paranormal phenomena.
Perhaps the scariest part of Hereditary? We have to wait until June 8, 2018 for the film to hit theaters.
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