Take A Virtual Tour Of Gianni Versace's Former Miami Beach Mansion

Just a few minutes into episode one of FX's The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story, and we were already hooked. It wasn't just Darren Criss' haunting portrayal of Andrew Cunanan as he screamed into the ocean for no apparent reason or the draw of wanting to find out exactly how this murder investigation actually played out. No, what really grabbed our attention was the outrageously glamorous home whose halls Gianni Versace, played by Édgar Ramírez, roamed in his bright pink bathrobe during the limited series' very first scenes. If you too immediately began obsessing over the shots of elaborately painted floral walls, baroque bed frames, and that iconic poolside Medusa Mosaic, you're interest can go beyond your television screen. Versace's Miami Beach mansion, which is featured in the FX limited series, can be visited and stayed in, IRL.
Versace's former home is officially called The Villa Casa Casuarina, and in 2013, it was converted into a luxury boutique hotel. Though it might seem a bit macabre to vacation in the spot where this famous murder took place, the lavish spot has a rich history that dates back to before the designer purchased it. Alden Freeman, an architect and heir to the Standard Oil fortune, built this stunning home way back in 1930. He put his sweet, sweet Rockefeller money toward creating a design inspired by Alcazar De Colon, Christopher Columbus’s son's place in the Dominican Republic.
When Versace purchased the place in 1992, he put $32 million into renovating it. Originally, the home was made up of 24 separate apartments, which Freeman rented out or reserved for personal guests. However, Versace transformed the 24 apartments into 10 larger suites, many of which he designated for use by his closest family members, including his siblings Donatella and Santo, who are also portrayed in American Crime Story. By the time his renovations were complete, the Italian fashion designer had an extravagant 23,000-square-foot home base.
To stay in the Villa Casa Casuarina now, it can cost anywhere from $899 to $1,600 a night — or more, depending on the suite and overall package. However, if you're not working with Freeman or Versace's budget for a vacation, you can take a virtual tour of the Villa Casa Casuarina ahead.

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