Paris Hilton Fact Checks A Rumor That She Ditched Her New Fiancé

They haven't even walked down the aisle, but Paris Hilton and fiancé Chris Zylka already have to quash rumors that the honeymoon is over.
As Cosmopolitan notes, it's all down to a pesky video which shows the newly engaged couple being hounded by paparazzi as they left LAX on Thursday night. The photographers congratulate Hilton on her engagement, prompting her security team to pack up, swiftly. Within seconds her driver speeds off, leaving the paps to choke on exhaust fumes and move on to the next celebrity sighting.
There's just one problem: In all the commotion, Hilton managed to leave Zylka, an actor who has starred on The Leftovers, cooling his heels on the curb. Sheesh. You get someone's name tattooed on your arm, then bust out a diamond engagement ring bigger than a baby's fist, and you still get stranded like you're Molly Ringwald in Sixteen Candles? Rude.
According to the heiress, it was all an innocent mix-up and not, say, some sort of petty revenge for Zylka bad-mouthing "Stars are Blind" in his sleep or something.
"The driver thought he was in the car with us," Hilton explained over Twitter. "He didn't realize with all the cameras & commotion. As soon as he sped off, I said 'You left my fiancé!!' Then he backed his car up right away & got him within a few seconds."
Hey, it happens. So long as Hilton and her driver didn't then do the whole drive-off-every-time-his-hand-touches-the-handle prank, we're sure all was quickly forgiven. Just to be on the safe side, though, we hear LAX is serviced by a number of reliable shuttles. That Uber car pool may not be "hot," but it'll at least get you home, man.
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