Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 14, Episode 15 Recap: "Tangled Web"

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Including the latest addition, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s new baby girl, Chicago, the Kardashian legacy is bound to live on forever. If we thought the 2010s were occupied by the Kardashian-Jenners, the future is sure to be full of all the cool things Mason Disick, North West, and the rest of the gang will be up to. Unfortunately, the whole family can’t live forever. This episode, Kourtney Kardashian and Kris Jenner are getting real about the legacy they live behind.
A Girl’s Best Friend
While having dinner with Faye Resnick and casually chatting about O.J. Simpson’s parole, two fans walk up in a totally empty restaurant and ask for a photo with Kris Jenner. It’s all fun and selfies until the fan reveals that the opal-colored ring on her finger is actually made with her grandmother’s ashes. Kris is shook, to say the least. She’s not shy about wanting to plan her eternal vacation spot, but her kids almost always dismiss her.
“I believe in God and I believe that I’m definitely going to Heaven. So, let’s just get that straight right now,” Kris says. But she really wants to have a resting place that works for her. This might be the most relatable thing Kris Jenner has ever done. Who doesn’t think about this stuff? Unlike Kris, I’m hoping the afterlife is at least something like The Good Place, but we see eye-to-eye on this diamond thing. Kim, on the other hand, is staunchly anti-diamond.
Kardashians do research by calling heads of companies and Kris Jenner is no exception. She chats with the VP of LifeGem to find out if she could make six diamonds (one for each of her kids) out of her ashes. “Not a problem,” he replies.
“I just don’t get how you can turn one body into diamonds,” Kim says, skeptically. Khloe is equally confused. In fact, she couldn’t care less what happens to her body after she dies and she lets Kris know it. The whole death thing is kind of a lot to worry about when your schedule is as packed as Kris’, so the momager decides to trash the idea and make her kids worry about it when they time comes.
Scott’s Back at It Again!
While hanging out at Williams Sonoma, Kris Jenner gets such a bad vibe from Scott Disick. The situation is “extremely hard and complicated,” in Kourtney’s own words, so Kris’ first instinct is to report back to Kourtney. She’s not having it. If someone has a problem with Scott, she thinks they need to leave her out of it. Valid. Scott is already causing enough trouble in her life.
One night, at 2 a.m., he called Kourtney ranting and raving, asking what they’re doing with their lives. After an emotional back and forth, Kourtney just yells “I have a boyfriend and he’s 24!” Scott hung up and she just went to bed. Didn’t they tell you she was a savage? While Scott’s certainly not happy, Khloe is super proud of Kourtney for being straight with Scott.
So, that backfires almost immediately. Scott has an episode and Kourtney goes jetting over to his house, much to Khloe’s dismay. When she got there, he was very aggressive until she finally decided to leave. She’s hurt that Scott tries to sabotage her happiness. From now on, she’s enforcing stricter boundaries.
“I spent ten years doing the best that I could to make sure he’s okay,” Kourtney explains. “Whatever changes he wants to make, he has to do it himself.” And that’s that on that.
Kourt’s got her own things going on.
The Ball Is In Her Kourt
Listen, between her three young kids and her man-child Scott Disick to deal with, it’s super understandable why Kourtney Kardashian doesn’t have makeup lines, perfume lines, clothing lines, or modeling careers like her four sisters do. Her little sisters seem to think there’s another reason.
“This is already too large of a commitment for you,” Khloe shuts her down, as Kourtney describes her idea for an interior design TV show.
“So, what’s your next step?” Khloe retorts. She says she wants to be supportive, but it’s definitely coming from a place of frustration.
Later, Kim and Khloe have a private meeting where they basically talk smack about Kourtney’s new endeavor. To them, Kourtney is too codependent and it’s apparently their job to help her figure it out.
Kourtney takes the necessary first step to start a project: talking to momager Kris. Except the meeting isn’t very productive. Kris and Kim basically take turns telling Kourtney she’s lazy. Way to motivate!
While shooting her home with interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard, she picks his brain about joining the field. His advice? “Put together some storyboards of images and looks and ideas.” She can handle it!
Now, she’s realizing that she doesn’t need her sisters’ permission to do anything. Things are finally going her way. Honestly, can’t wait to see what Kourtney comes up with.
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