Chrissy Teigen's Secret On How To Look Alive Without Actually Trying

Tricking everyone into thinking you look like a functioning human when you're really suffering from a cold or the hangover from hell isn't easy. Your face is puffy, your cheeks are red, and your eyes look like they belong in a scene from Half Baked. However, Chrissy Teigen may have just delivered the no-makeup-needed hack that helps. Enter: eyelash extensions.
The treatment has been around for years, but recently picked up steam as everyone's go-to beauty trend of the moment. Instead of trying to make your natural lashes grow faster, all it takes is sitting in a chair for two hours and letting a very patient expert glue individual lashes to your lash line — and you'll be walking out of the salon with dramatic eyelashes that'll leave others wondering what kind of Miracle-Gro you used. And it just so happens that Teigen is a recent convert to the fad — only she's noticed a few other perks.
Teigen took to Snapchat to offer her followers a public service announcement. "For those days when you don’t want to be caked with makeup I highly recommend eyelash extensions," Teigen tells the camera as she shows off her curly lashes. "They're awesome. They make you look like you care." And she's not wrong. You can almost never fool anyone into thinking that clumpy mascara is the real deal, but lash extensions are natural, fluffy, and require little effort.
So whether you're still hungover from all the holiday parties, tired from staying at the office too late, or just can't be bothered to apply makeup, Teigen's beauty advice might be the next best thing.
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