These Are The Best So-Bad-They’re-Great Holiday Movies On Netflix

Photo: courtesy of Netflix.
A Lindsay Lohan-helmed movie is always a good idea. But a Lohan-helmed, cheesy rom-com starring Glee's Chord Overstreet is even better. Enter: Falling For Christmas. As the spoiled heiress Sierra Belmont, Lohan loses her memory, only to discover the true meaning of life and love (cue the tears). All set in a literal winter wonderland. The over-the-top Netflix movie unlocked something about millennials we’ve previously denied but long known to be true: we love terrible holiday movies.
Yes, give us your 25 Days Of Christmas, with its genuine classics like Elf and Polar Express, but, also, give us all the cheese you got, preferably drenched over a silly rom-com filled with Christmas trees. The escapism of watching Lindsay Lohan fall in love in a winter wonderland, is something we all need.
Thankfully, Falling For Christmas isn’t the only over-the-top holiday film waiting for you on Netflix. There’s actually a veritable trove of so-bad-they’re-good festive flicks on the streaming service that have become a staple for the season. To continue laughing well after Sierra's story ends, we rounded up all the other movies on Netflix that will help you lose yourself in 90 minutes of holiday cheer and impossible plot lines.
So, slip on your holiday-appropriate Christmas sweater — vino is necessary for this kind of movie marathon — and keep reading to find out what to add to your queue next.

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