Get Ready For An Entire Book Of Short Stories Like "Cat Person"

Photographed by Eva K Salvi
The woman who wrote the New Yorker's viral short story "Cat Person" now has a book on the way.
Published last week, "Cat Person" has caused an quite the stir. Many women (including Anna Kendrick) proclaimed character Margot's bad date experience was completely relatable. However, a sampling of men also vocalized their discontent with the piece online. Some even slut-shamed the fictional character of Margot while expressing sympathies for the man who, in the story, ends their short-lived romance by calling Margot a whore.
Haters be damned, because "Cat Person" caught the eye of high-profile publishers, who, The Guardian reported Monday, swooped on the opportunity to buy Roupenian's debut collection of short stories. Titled You Know You Want This, the new collection was sold to publisher Cape in the United Kingdom.
Roupenian's debut book, which The Guardian reports there is currently a bidding war over in the United States, will consist of seven short stories. The Guardian notes that not all of these tales will be about sexual relationships.
"They're dark, they're funny, they're irreverent, they're trending boundaries, and they're very different to one another," Cape editor Michal Shavit told The Guardian of the new work. "They're occupying a similar space in the imagination, but they're not all about the relationships between men and women."
Pitch Perfect 3 star Kendrick will certainly be excited to hear this "Cat Person"-related news. In an interview with Refinery29, she revealed she connected deeply to Roupenian's short story.
"I can not stop thinking about it," Kendrick told Refinery29 at the Pitch Perfect 3 press junket. "I feel sick, and happy, and understood, and all these things. I’m very glad that everybody that I talk to so far is like 'Yes, totally. That’s me.'"
Looks like the woman behind "Cat Person" is here to stay, and we're sure her book will spark just as much conversation as her now-famous depiction of how dating can go horribly wrong.

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