7 Potential A Christmas Prince Spin-Offs That Need To Happen

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
If you're one of the 53 people who've been watching A Christmas Prince on repeat since it debuted on Netflix, have we got an exercise in speculation for you.
Described as “quite possibly the best worst Christmas movie ever made” by Buzzfeed, it's hard not to wonder what's next for A Christmas Prince? Sequels? Prequels? Spinoffs? Maybe we follow the newly-engaged royal couple on their honeymoon. Or perhaps we see them five years down the line. It's Christmas-time, anything is possible if you just believe hard enough. The people (not just of Aldovia) demand it.
A few ideas for a follow-up, Netflix, respectfully, for your consideration.
1. A Christmas Princess
If you've watched the movie, you know Prince Richard had a little sister. Now it's years later and she's striking out in the romance department. Little does she know Santa is about to deliver her a dashing doctor who is pretending to be a servant, yet she forgives him and they live happily ever after.
2. A Hannukah Prince
Just like the Christmas prince, but with eight days and nights of coronations.
3. A Christmas Prince: The One That's Like Downton Abbey
There's always the Downton Abbey version of moving the story of the monied aristocracy along. Simply kill one of them off. Maybe it's the Prince, but more likely it's Amber. The Prince would then come to America to look for his new queen, encountering mishaps along the way. Maybe in Queens? Nope, that's another movie.
4. A Royal Christmas Wedding
Spoiler, A Christmas Prince ended with an engagement. Right around Christmas. So if a wedding takes a year to plan, we have our next movie which will be all about Amber going away for a bachelorette weekend, hijinks ensue, and she almost misses her own wedding. We'd get a lot of worried (now King) Richard in this sequel.
5. A Prince In New York
One of Richard's promises was that Amber could stay in New York City, where she wants to be a journalist. What does a prince do all day while his wife is at the office? We'd find out in this documentary style show, which would find Richard at the UN, hailing his own taxi and other activities befitting a man of his station.
6. Who Are The 53 People Who Watched A Christmas Prince Every Day?
This is the kind of off-the-wall programming we love from Netflix. A documentary crew spends a year traveling around the country meeting all of the fans, interviews them and then organizes a convention at the end where they all meet. In costume.
7. Prince
Netflix could just show Purple Rain and everyone would also be happy.
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