Netflix Just Roasted 53 Fans Of A Christmas Prince

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Netflix might not know when you're sleeping, or when you're awake, but Netflix knows what you’re watching. And, if you’re one of the 53 people who’s watched their original film A Christmas Prince every day for the past 18 days, Netflix is here to clown you on Twitter.
The film was described as “quite possibly the best worst Christmas movie ever made” by Buzzfeed, and Netflix (or at least their social media team) seems to be leaning in to the goofiness hard here.
This back and forth with a confused fan shows Netflix getting a little salty. While they say they just want to make sure everyone is okay, when a fan tells Netflix "you're not my mom," they give her an "OK sweetie."
Okay Netflix.
One noteworthy takeaway for many was that Netflix knows your streaming habits, and will call you out for them.
It seems the steaming service would like us to continue bingeing as much Friends episodes as humanly possible.
In fact, Netflix really doesn't mind you bingeing anything you want to. But remember... it knows.
Some people saw this through a darker lens, noting that "it's good to be reminded that huge unaccountable companies use our personal data to dunk on us both literally and figuratively."
Even that didn't shut down the sass though, with this tweeter breaking it down. "Netflix blatantly lets you know it tracks your watching habits via the recommended section. Also they track all viewing statistics down to the minute you stop watching something. They aren't shy about any of this. So... It was funny. "
Netflix declined to comment on this story.

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