What Are The Chances These Fox Characters Will Become Disney Princesses?

Photo: Courtesy of Ray Mickshaw/FOX.
If you haven't been following business news this week, consider this a heads up: Per CNN, Disney is buying most of 21st Century Fox. News that this might be a deal broke early in November when CNBC reported Disney had reached out to Fox about a deal to acquire the network's movie and television assets. Today, we know that on top of Fox's movie studio and regional sports networks, Disney is buying cable channels FX and National Geographic, as well as the networks stakes in Hulu and European TV provider Sky.
What that means for the TV and movie networks that are merging is yet to be seen (Fox isn't commenting beyond the initial announcement; Disney hasn't returned a request for comment), but this acquisition raises an interesting question: Will Fox characters be eligible to become real Disney princesses? Would they even want to? We're talking about the evolved, 21st-century version of the brand's princesses, chock full of agency and pluck.
Could Jess from New Girl step into a swirling yellow ballgown and spin around a ballroom with the Beast? How about Cookie Lyon sliding into those famous glass slippers before bewitching and then ditching the Prince at the ball? Does Lisa Simpson singing "Let It Go" while wearing her tiara to school in Springfield seem likely? Can you even ponder the idea of Princess Tina Belcher? It's all too much.
As for some of our favorite Fox characters, they might be better off under the sea with Ursula, but who doesn't love a good villain? Think of the fabulous Maleficent. She's complex emotional, and a fierce protector – doesn't seem like a bad person to have in your corner. Just stay on her good side.
Here are the Fox characters who should definitely join the Disney princess patrol.

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