Zac Efron's Instagram Lookalike Isn't Who He Appears To Be

It's always a little crazy to see a random person who looks just like a celebrity, like this baby who looks like Ed Sheeran. However, not every celebrity doppelgänger is created equal — and some were created with Photoshop, which is allegedly what was going on with this Zac Efron lookalike.
According to Teen Vogue, fans have uncovered an Instagrammer who is posing not as former High School Musical star Zac Efron, but as a Zac Efron lookalike.
Confusing? You bet.
Allegedly, Instagram account @JauncePonce, which has since gone private, has been posting pics of a guy who looks like Efron, but does not go by his name. The account caught the attention of Twitter user @ImEstranged, who posted some photos from the Instagram page.
"How on earth is this NOT Zac Efron???," the Twitter user asked her followers on December 2.
The pictures look a lot like the Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates star, though just slightly off. It's easy to see why you would assume it is Efron, but just as easy to see how you could think it's a guy who looks a whole lot like him. Basically, it's a total mind twist.
Alas, it turns out that the Instagram account is nothing more than an elaborate ruse. Apparently, the account borrowed from model Joe Collier's page, and edited the pics cleverly so it seems like someone who looks like Efron is in pics where the actual actor never was.
A Twitter account called out the Photoshop, writing:
"Its fake, the girl on the third picture is model Joe Collier's girlfriend. See it for yourself they’re wearing the same jacket and it's the same background which means he photoshopped Zac Efron’s head into Joe's."
The question, of course, is...why? We have no idea, so it's hard to know if this is a true catfish situation (in which the @JauncePonce account is trying to lure people with his Efron-esque looks) or if there's a different purpose behind the account entirely. Perhaps it's an exercise in Photoshop, or to see if people will really believe that this is a "lookalike" instead of actually Efron himself. (Before I realized what was really going on here, I started pointing out the "differences" between the Efron twin and the real actor, which, obviously, seems silly now.)
As for the real Efron? Well, you can see him in The Greatest Showman, opposite Hugh Jackman and Zendaya, or over on his real Instagram account, where he has over 31.6 million followers.

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