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Nobody ever told me how much work and time it takes to make a real podcast. A great podcast. One that's truly worth the time you might otherwise spend, say, watching Smilf or Better Things (which I highly recommend). Like you, I've been listening to podcasts for years, and count one Terry Gross as my unofficial radio coach and model interviewer. But here's the truth: Podcasts aren't just a mic and a chat — they are tiny works of art. Which is exactly how we look at each episode of UnStyled.
After months of prep — behind the scenes and in the studio — we launched Season 2 of Refinery29's second podcast in early October. With guests like Gabrielle Union, Miranda Kerr, model icon Bethann Hardison, and feminist hero Naomi Wolf, the stakes were HIGH to get it right and make it GOOD. But in the end, the time we take to research each guest and find just the right theme to help tell their most important stories of the moment makes all the difference. And honestly, I think it's why so many listeners take the time to leave powerful reviews or send me heartfelt messages of how much a discussion about Stacy London's year of starting over or Miranda Kerr's recovery from depression made them feel less alone, and more connected.
To me, that's the whole point of UnStyled: To show us all how our experiences as women and how we move through the world informs our identities, our dreams, our fears, and, ultimately, our style.
As of today, there's only two episodes of Season 2 left: This week's, which debuted with InStyle editor-in-chief Laura Brown, and next week's episode, my season finale, with actor-activist Sophia Bush. While we talk about serious issues that impact every single one of us at certain points in our lives — fertility, breakups, dream jobs, and the constant struggle to understand our purpose in the world, famous or not! — what stands out most in each episode is this need to connect...the unmistakeable magic when women speak and listen to one another.
So, the countdown is officially ON. If you haven't already caught up with Season 2 of UnStyled, it's time for a binge. I might be a little biased, but I think it's more than worth it. And I'm ever grateful to you-all you beautiful listeners and supporters—for making this season what it is: a celebration of women being unique, powerful, and forever claiming their destiny.

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