Based On The Photos, Here's What We Think Happens On The Bachelor's First Episode

Photo: Paul Hebert/ABC.
By now, fans of The Bachelor have had a chance to size up the 29 women starring on season 22, most of whom are named Lauren. But we won't see the new Bachelor, Arie Luyendyk Jr., clap eyes on these lovely ladies until the season premiere, which is slated to air January 1. That's when the fun begins.
The first episode of a Bachelor or Bachelorette season is arguably the best. Yes, there are many forgettable contestants who will be dispatched without so much as a jazzy intro package filmed in their hometown. Each of them, however, will get the opportunity to walk out of a limo — or slide off a faux-unicorn, because it's totally that kind of show — and dazzle that season's star (and more importantly, us) with their style, smile, and charm. And if all else fails, awkward dad jokes, attempts to juggle, marching bands, and a wedding dress will do.
It's the moment when those freak flags — and, okay, a romantic spark or two — fly, when jealous tendencies creep up, and when grown men and women get emotionally wrecked over being rejected by a near-stranger. It's pure entertainment.
If you don't believe us, just refer to these preview images from the January 1 premiere. We can only guess what's going on here — so we have. Read on to get our snap judgments. And remember: We tease because we love.
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