This Season's Bachelorette Limo Exits, Ranked

Here's how most of my conversations about Rachel's season of The Bachelorette will go, up until hometown visits.
"Which one is that again?" I'll ask.
"The one with the marching band," my friend will respond.
"Oh," I'll say. "Blake E."
With their limo introductions, contestants on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette have an opportunity to cement their identities forever as "Marching Band" or "Whaboom." Given its importance in making a first impression on Rachel (and on us), the art of the limo exit requires careful thought. Go too gimmicky, and it's awkward. Underplay it significantly, and you're bland. Refer to your future babies, and you're probably going home.
Yesterday gave us a whole new batch of newcomers to judge based on first impressions. Overall, Rachel's group did a good job of towing the line between memorable and charming, with a few scattered on either end. Then, there's Whaboom, who's in a whole category of his own.
Here's our ranking of the entrances on The Bachelorette premiere.
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