Nicki Minaj's "Pink Lemonade" Braids Have Everyone Debating For This Reason

Let's not beat around the bush, here: Nicki Minaj is a true, life-size Barbie. She's got the proportions. She's got the dream house. She drives the pink car. And she's already one-upped the 58-year-old piece of plastic with a way cooler version of Ken: rumored boyfriend Nas. So in return, seeing pink hair on the rapper and actress isn't anything revolutionary — she's had bangs, bobs, butt-length extensions, and any other variation that comes to mind. But for the "Motorsport" video, which dropped last night, Minaj outdid her own damn self.

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She appears in the video, along with Cardi B and Offset, in bubblegum-colored, floor-length braids. The look was done by Minaj's longtime hairstylist, Kim Kimble, as well as Kendra Garvey. Fun fact: The team also collaborated on Beyoncé's "Formation" look, too — which is why fans have dubbed them "Pink Lemonade" braids.
Aside from giving us a lewk, Minaj's hair (which is possibly a wig) has also allowed fans to trend forecast: Come spring and festival season, it's predicted that everyone and their mamas will be requesting a "Motorsport" copy. It's just inevitable. Hairstylists sense it, too. On Twitter and Facebook, braiders all over the country are claiming that the requests for the pink plaits are slowly but surely coming in. And everyone seems to agree that the braids are dope. What people aren't agreeing on, however, is the cost.
"If ANYTHING the Nicki braids should be $250 - $400 TOPS," @lamouraminaj wrote. "Don't get outta hand. You don't have to get them super long either. 22" - 30" is just fine." Another fan guessed that the look will run even higher: "Bitches gon try get them Nicki Minaj braids for 150 not gon happen sis those are 550," @FucYaLoss guessed. "Somebody already asking me to do them nicki minaj motor sport braids... sis it’s a wig & that shit gon run you a cool stack," North Carolina hairstylist @KytheGoddess tweeted. Believe it or not, the predicted prices continue to inch higher and higher with each post – some say the look is worth $650, others say $5000.
We've reached out to Kimble to see how much the braids are really worth... but feeling like Nicki Minaj living her dream Barbie life? Priceless.
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