Priyanka Chopra Just Got This Season's Trendiest Haircut

Photo: Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images/David Webb.
Priyanka Chopra is the kind of beautiful that, even if you've never seen her on the big screen, you recognize immediately. From her TV show Quantico to her role in the Baywatch movie, the actress carries the same classic and bold looks from each character to the next. And while the star has experimented with some of the biggest beauty trends of the year, there's one thing she's almost always keeps the same: her hair. Until now.
Thanks to some stealthy paparazzi shots, we now know Chopra is filming the third season of Quantico. Besides the possibility of shooting in a new overseas location, it looks as if the star is also rocking a brand-new haircut — one that's been sweeping Hollywood for the past two years. Yep, she got a lob.
Several days ago, her hairstylist for the show Christopher Fulton teased the new shorter style on Instagram. But it wasn't until today that we got a full view of the cropped cut. According to Chopra's Instagram post, she traded in her long signature waves for a long bob. But the new style isn't necessarily her own doing. Instead, the transformation is all for her Quantico character Alex Parrish.
"When u have a new hair cut and can’t help but constantly touch it to make sure it’s all ok up there!! Lol @abcquantico #alexparrish season 3," Chopra captioned the photo on Instagram. And we know how she feels. Sometimes, when you get a haircut that feels so much like uncharted territory, it's common to want to touch it nonstop. Just ask Kristen Stewart.
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